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Master Photographer Kaya Satori

Kaya Satori is a world-renowned film and digital photographer, who has spent the last nine years traveling across the globe to witness and capture the unseen. The visions for many of her photographs, she has foreseen while dreaming. 

Having begun film photography at the age of five, Kaya uses mostly darkroom-edit techniques, believing in capturing the true perfection that nature already holds and waiting for when the moment truly speaks. Kaya usually captures only one to a few shots in a single setting, as she feels that the emotion & energy of the moment is indeed transferred to become the light of each photograph.

Believing in the power of sacrifice, Kaya has given her heart’s complete dedication to living for this art. She has spent years living in and exploring countries across five continents, even staying with locals in developing countries and learning rare local languages in order to find some of the Earth’s most unseen places. Kaya has also taken weeklong treks, spent years living from a backpack, by van, or in nature, even camping on ice as well as in the Himalayan snow to bring these visions into reality. 

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